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One of a Kind Bulldogs in regards to Showing our Bulldogges

So for years I have been asked why One of a Kind Bulldogs does not show our Bulldogges, here you go;

First off, being a part of a club is the first step. Associating with all your local breeders to come together and get the breed publicity and get attendance at the shows. I personally base my business on honesty, integrity and overall sound morals. In no way can I get myself to have weekly meetings with all the people who are ruining the breed and furthermore be friends with them or have any type of affiliation. For example. The registry started a So Cal club, and as much as I was asked to join I couldn’t agree to it. Some of the board members are the exact type of breeders that give breeders a bad name. Join and pay to be a part of something I am against? No way! One guy hangs papers, breeds pocket pits into his dogs, resells dogs like they mean nothing and does not even know how to take care of his dogs. Another hides behind a badge and started a kennel breeding at least 5 different breeds. First summer he lost dogs due to heat, guess he forgot to put shade over them. His dogs have flooded the market in a few years and he re-sells like crazy with no thought or care where his dogs go, just who is willing to pay top dollar. And yes, both have gotten others to join along with their practices.

Second, it is truly a hater show. How often I hear people after shows run their mouth and so forth about the winners, judges, dogs, etc…. Everyone at the show thinks their dog should have placed. If I was going to go to the show it would be for the fun of seeing a bunch of old english bulldogs and having fun, not to be judgmental on every dog. that’s for the judges. Also, so many times I hear of registries throwing a show with barely any dogs showing up and all the dogs getting a victory, haha. How is that worthy of a competition? I hope the ribbon says, “Thanks for attending.”

I have always kept to myself in the breeding game. Not because others are not producing nice dogs, but more because it seems rare you can find someone to trust. I watch some of my local competition breed dogs with defects and health issues after I returned them to the breeder. I watched other local competitors breed the hell out of dogs then drop them off at the shelter to be euthanized. I see $500 dogs being sold locally with full breeding rights. Shoot, one of my local competitors’ dogs mauled and killed his house lady! This is the type of stuff I steer away from. it’s breeders like this that ruin the profession and make us all look like irresponsible, heartless, greedy puppy mills.

Their must be some thought to the overall picture, the impact you have on the future of a line and how many dogs get contributed to the shelter system. As a breeder I try to see what good I am doing but also try to think outside the box and make sure I am not a harm to the system. I make sure i include free spay/neuters on all Olde English Bulldogge puppies, I place all my retirees and do not re-sell adults, I keep track of all my dogs and I help do rescue to make up for the dogs I am producing. I will never be a part of a club until their are major changes. The club is supposed to be a representation of the breed and furthermore the breeders in it should have to abide by some form of code. A club or registry that truly cares for the breed and wants to better it should start implementing numerous things that will hold breeders accountable for what they are producing. Again, this is my opinion, but will truly help better the breed and how breeders are looked at.

-testing to show basic knowledge and education of the breed, genetics and reproduction.

-health testing on your stock

-an oath to NOT breed specific issues that will be a negative to the breed

-an oath to stick to a standard

-strict spay/neuter clauses to help prevent over population and irresponsible or un-planned breedings

-rescue work or networking. helping dog within the breed do make the breed look better and show true compassion towards dogs. Our breed is no longer rare if shelters are putting them down.

-staying open to public and letting people see how your dogs are treated and taken care of

-abiding to a certain standard of care for the dogs

-and not re-selling dogs over and over I am sure their is much more that could be added, but this is a general idea.

I cannot associate myself with people who re-sell dogs like crazy, treat customers like crap, treats their dogs like crap, lie to the public, hang papers, breed messed up dogs with no thought to the owners who will have to suffer in the long run. Like David Chappelear always says, “Birds of a feather flock together.” rant done. have a nice day everyone 🙂

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