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One of a Kind Old English Bulldogs is your World’s premier breeder of Olde English Bulldogge Puppies.
We have hundreds of Old English Bulldog puppies and happy customers around the world. We are well known for our quality old English Bulldogs along with amazing customer service. We have tons of reviews online and an extensive client referral list as proof to our reputation. We are a licensed business, we generate sales tax revenue for the state of California and pay our taxes to the government as any business should. We are also a permitted kennel, we get inspected regularly by the county and have never received anything less than an A+ for our random inspections. Our Bulldogs are raised hands on and get an extensive amount of playtime, even on rainy days. We are hands on with all of our Olde English Bulldogge puppies and Old English Bulldogs and can tell everything about their personalities and demeanors. When visiting our property you truly get a good idea of how great a life our Bulldogges have here. We dont barn our bulldogs, or have them on automatic feeders and waterers. We feed them daily ourselves, make sure they have clean bowls and fresh water at all times. When visiting our property you will see ALL our dogs are well behaved, social and used to the experience of meeting new people. Our dogs get treated great here, and we NEVER sell our adults to other Old English Bulldog breeders. We have seen many Bulldogs get passed around from yard to yard until they died, that is something we do not allow with our bulldogs, even ones purchased (we have a no-resale clause in ALL contracts.) We believe ALL dogs are pets first! When a dog is used in a breeding program it needs to be given some LOYALTY. We are loyal to all the Bulldogges on our property, and when they are retired (whether they produced 1 litter or 4 litters) they are spayed/neutered and placed into forever loving Pet homes.
Our years of experience show with our lines, MANY if not most of the Olde English Bulldogs on our site were produced here at One of a Kind or we owned their parents or other dogs in their pedigree. We believe quality breeders should have a good stock of breeding Old English Bulldogs produced from their own lines. Quality truly comes out generations later with consistant Bulldogs and good pedigrees. We utilized our great breeding females and integrated blue into our own lines the way we felt was best. We were not interested in just producing blue, we were interested in producing healthy bulldogs of all colors with good pedigrees. We are trying to avoid heavy English Bulldog crosses and avoid deviating back to the English Bulldog standard. We hope to one day get into producing smaller Olde English Bulldogs, but we hope to maintain the health and not get back to all the English Bulldog problems. We also were lucky to have some Mammut Bulldog blood in our lines to be able to produce long hair Olde English Bulldogges aka Mammut Bulldogges.
The One of a Kind Experience: The One of a Kind Experience is what sets us apart from other Old English Bulldog breeders. Here at One of a Kind we maintain a high quality of care for our dogs along with a very picky and careful selection of what we produce here. Our property is always open to the public to see exactly how well we take care of our dogs, our reviews will surely reflect that also.
Here at One of a Kind Bulldogs we believe there is more then to just selling a bulldog. We as breeders have an ethical responisbility to be a part of that dogs life. We need to maintain that the owners are having a positive experience and offer all and any support when times are hard. We must also know the health and quality of the pup as it develops further to maintain the health and integrity of our own stock. We are a customer service based busines and offer 24/7 customer support for emergencies. We also have a message board on facebook JUST FOR CLIENTS to interact, share pictures and help educate eachother about bulldogges. Our message board has turned us into a big One of a Kind family. We also will start doing annual or semi-annual events for our clients, our first one will be a big Halloween bash with a costume contest, prizes and games.
We also believe breeders should be full service when it comes to buying a puppy. We offer ALL vaccines, rabies, micro-chip and spay/neuter with all aftercare meds. This is our One of a Kind Responsible Pet Sterilization plan. This is included with ALL local purchases!
One of a Kind Olde English Bulldogge puppies come backed with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!!
With breeding comes responsibility, and we rarely see this with Old English Bulldog breeders, this is why we have started the One of a Kind Old English Bulldog rescue network. One of a Kind is now actively helping save shelter Bulldogges in high risk of euthanization! Check our new site A Bulldog Rescue and help spread the word about our Olde English Bulldogge rescue. We are helping the olde English Bulldogges that were relinquished to shelters and ironically clening up a lot of the mess irresponsible backyard breeders are making. We always have olde English Bulldogges needing a home, if you dont wanna buy a puppy, help save a shelter dog.
One of A Kind Old English Bulldogs is located in the beautiful North County San Diego/Temecula area, where the sun is always shining and there are no bad days. The weather is perfect for our dogs, never too cold and never too hot. Our dogs also get to enjoy the beach regularly since it is conveniently close.
We are located close to the Los Angeles area, near four major highways/freeways (5, 15, 76 and 78) and less then an hour drive from Riverside County and Orange County.
This is not just a business, it is a hobby and a passion. Since 2005 I have owned and bred the Olde English Bulldogges and have grown to fall in love with the breed. Being California’s Premier old English Bulldog Breeder, I get tremendous joy and satisfaction providing families with these wonderful dogs.
About me: My name is Ary, Pronounced R.E., I have been raised around animals and breeding most of my life. In the late 80’s to the mid 90’s my family bred and raised show quality imported German Shepherds and Persian Cats. During the search for my own Old English Bulldog I came to find out things have changed a lot from back then. Breeders have a bad reputation nowadays, and after talking and dealing with so many different breeders, I can see why. I decided that I was not going to be one of those breeders. With an AA in business and some university business courses, I have a strong focus on customer service, especially in a business that brings life long companions to my clients and also helps me build life long relationships with those clients. Truth is, these dogs are so great that people are destined to come back for another, as long as the experience is positive. I never imagined to be where I am today doing what I love, but now we have amazing emplyees who love this breed as much as I do and have devoted their lives to the care and well being of our dogs.
We make sure that after you purchase your Olde English Bulldogge from us, you will never go elsewhere for another. We also base our business on integrity and morals, which we feel many breeders lack. With high standards, years of breeding experience, and ethics that set us apart from the rest, we plan on being an example of what people should expect from their breeders. Do your research and you will find that 1 of a Kind Bulldogs is truly 2nd to none when it comes to Olde English Bulldogge Breeders.
“Built to be Strong and Live Long”
“We believe healthy, happy, and well taken care of pets will produce the best puppies”
A little about our Bulldogs daily life here:
Here at One of a Kind we take pride in our quality of dogs and even more pride in how we care for our Olde English Bulldogges. Our property is set up as a doggy haven, each dog has their own personal and spacious kennel. For playtime our Old English Bulldogs are able to spend most of the day (typically from 7am to 3pm if weather permits) in the massive dog runs we have on property. Each of the 8 dog runs measures 25 by 50 feet, bigger then the average San Diego backyard. We also have 5 more yards/runs for our Olde English Bulldogge puppies and our Old English Bulldog rescue program. Each yard/run has its own kiddie pool, dog house, water bowl and a plethera of bones/antlers and toys to play with. Our Olde English Bulldogges never have a dull moment here or complain about boredom. Each dog also gets their own personal kennel for sleap with its own self warming dog house. Our dogs are lucky to have the perfect weather in San Diego year round.
Our Old English Bulldog Puppies are whelped indoor and raised indoor in our customized nursery where they can go in and out of a dog door by 5 weeks and learn to go potty. We do not allow the puppies to be handled or played with, so rest assure, your puppy selected will be safe from germs and diseases.
Once pups have atleast 3 sets if shots they are out for playtime and get to enjoy the giant turf play yard. They are very active and socialized.
One of a Kind is open to the public for viewings. We take great pride in the care and attention our dogs recieve and have no problem inviting people over to bare witness. We trust that people be respectful and courteous when entering our property, afterall it is not just our business, but also our home. For out of state customers we do face time and also allow virtual tours