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One of a Kind Bulldogs tv interview in regards to “Olde English Bulldogge” attack in Fallbrook, CA

One of a Kind Bulldogges and Ary Toussi were interviewed on 11-14-12 about the Old English Bulldog breed by NBC San Diego 7/39. We were very honored to be called and ask to clear up the airways about the Olde English Bulldogge being an aggressive breed. On 11-11-12 at approximately 5pm A womans body was found in the small rural town of Fallbrook, California. We were very saddened to see someone was innocently attacked and killed by a pack of eight dogs. We were even more surprised to see the news claim that these were “Olde English Bulldogges” that killed this woman. One of a Kind Bulldogges was given an opportunity to be interviewed by 7/39’s Danya Bacchus about the incident and the breed. Watch us represent the Olde Bulldogge community and defend our wonderful breed! Even Tyler, Lola and lil rambo, one of our Olde English Bulldog puppies got a cameo! Keep in mind, I personally have met this breeder and knew about his bad standards and was very aware he was breeding American Bulldogs to Olde’s. His dogs were easily on the 70-90% American Bulldog. More importantly the breed has nothing to do with the incident, we strongly believe the owner is responsible for the action of his dogs and this entire incident could have been avoided with prper raising and handling of his dogs. We condem backyard breeders like Edgar at EEE Giant Bulldogs. It is breeders like him that give ALL breeders a bad name and make us fall under horrible stereo-types. Its very tragic that due to his irresponsibility and negligence a woman lost her life and most likely all the dogs will too. One of a Kind Bulldogs would like to again express our condolences to the family and the loss they experienced.

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