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Older Puppies

Older Puppies

Olde English Bulldogge pups over 4 months: Older puppies are a great way to avoid some of the chaos of a young pup. Older pups catch on pretty quick with potty training and are fully vaccinated so they can go right out into the world with their new family and not have to be trapped at home during rabies boosters. With our older Olde English Bulldogge pups we have a hood gauge of personality as well.

Older pups are typically discounted prices listed and still include spay/neuter at our local vet. Unfortunately if they are over 22lbs we will not be able to fly them, so only a ground shipper would be our option. For customers who want to pick up and make a vacation out of it we have out Airbnb available at no charge.

Ary Toussi

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We have a few amazing boys left from our Kane and Drama the fluffy Old English Bulldog litter. Although their mother is a long hair, Kane was not a carrier so there are no fluffies in this litter. These couple boys are so chill and laid back, they will be a great addition to any family. They would love to have a female dog as a companion, potentially even a mellow male dog would do well with these boys.These older boys are fully vaccinated and ready to go.

male 1 – Sheldon – White and fawn – $1000


male 2 – MOE – White and Blue tri pied – $2000

Male 3 – CURLY – White and Black – $1500

These 3 boys are off our Lenny and Honey Olde English Bulldogge litter, it was an entire litter of males so we have a couple left. We will most likely keep one of these boys for a future Stud to our Bulldogge program but honestly all are so great we are at an impasse. These guys are so chill, they will do great in almost any setting and although same sex aggression is fairly common, with the right boys these boys will do fine. They are fully vaccinated, microchipped and ready to go.

male 2 – Prince – Lilac brindle – $2000

male 3 – Buddy Luv – White and Blue – $2500