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One of a Kind Bulldogs Breedings

At One of a Kind Bulldogs we take all of our breeding practices serious. We pride ourselves in the outcome of the tremendous and popular Olde English Bulldogs that we produce. We are the best in the United States and we are taking over the World. We take a lot of time and consideration before we pair any of our dogs together for breeding. We do this to insure the highest quality of Olde English Bulldogge puppies we can produce. Breeding is not just a hobby for us it is our life and One of a Kind Bulldogs purposely chooses the pairs placed together to produce puppies we are proud to say have come from us. All of our breeding studs are natural breeders (unless there is a significant height difference) and all of our females Old English Bulldogs are free whelpers. Free whelping is the process where we allow our females to whelp their puppies without assistance. We allow this because our females are proven to be good with their pups and we can trust them with the instinct they were born with as a mother. Not all females are born with this instinct and are often troubled with the process and if this occurs can endanger the life of the puppies. We do not like to take that risk with the Old English Bulldogs for sale in our program so we use free whelpers to provide the best care for these puppies. After we have taken the time to determine the right pair to breed and the mothers come into heat we pair them and breed. The breeding pairs that we currently have are listed here so you can determine the lineage of the puppy before choosing your new pup.