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Olde English Bulldogge Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between an English bulldog and the Olde English Bulldogges?

English bulldogs are one of the most problematic breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, AKC. Unfortunately they average for a low life span and are plagued with health problems. The English Bulldog is truly a man made breed, the required artificial insemination and c-sections to birth are pretty definitive evidence.

The Olde English Bulldogges are a recreation the historic Bulldog used in the sport if bull-baiting. The Olde English Bulldogge was recreated for the health and ability of a true bulldog without a vicious temperament. Our Bulldogges do not require much of the maintenance and average 2 times longer a life then the standard English bulldog.

What comes with our Old English Bulldogge puppy?

All pups come with their tails docked unless they have natural short tails that will not require maintenance. When leaving with your puppy we will make sure you have a couple weeks of puppy food, health records with updated shots, receipt of purchase with contract, a toy/treat package, 30 days trupanion health insurance and a few days of NuVet plus supplements.
After the sale local customers can stop by for the rest of their vaccines, and at 6 months old we include a complimentary sterilization package which includes rabies, microchip and spay/neuter along with all after care. This package is available only at our local veterinarian. We do offer $100 rebate for clients not located within driving distance after the puppy is fixed.

Where are you located? Are you open to public?

We are located in beautiful and sunny California, we are specifically in San Marcos, a small town in North San Diego. We are centrally located near hwy 78 and 76 and also the 15 and 5 freeway. We are easy access from Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino and east San Diego. We are about 40 minutes from San Clemente, CA and 25 minutes from Temecula, CA. We are also about a 3 ½ hour drive from Las Vegas and a little further if coming from Arizona.
Our property is open to the public 7 days a week. Our address is not public, but we are a phone call away for a scheduled viewing.
The best way to describe our property is “bulldog heaven.” We have a total of 13 dog runs for playtime. We have enough room for boarding and rescue dogs without impacting our personal dogs life and routine. Every dog run has baby pools and a plethora of dog toys, bones and antlers. Every dog has their own kennel and dog house to sleep at night.
Although our dogs are outdoor, our weather is perfect year round and some get rotated inside for one on one bonding. We HIGHLY recommend you DO NOT support breeders who do not allow public viewings. Many times breeders who don’t allow visitors are hiding something. We have NOTHING TO HIDE. We pride ourselves in our love and dedication towards our babies.

What food do you recommend or feed your Olde English Bulldogges?

We feed our dogs NutriSource large breed chicken and rice. It is common for dogs to be allergic to grains but we specifically feed our dogs food with grain to make sure we aren’t breeding any known allergies. We do think it is a good idea for pet owners to stick with high protein food with low fillers and either low or no grain. When getting your new puppy try to stick with one diet and one type of treat for a while until your dog adapts to its new home and environment. Better food equals buying less food and picking up less poop. Dogs eating pedigree eat twice as much because of fillers and junk and can easily poop 8 times a day. Better food should keep adults to 1 or 2 stools a day.

Can we pet the puppies?

Sorry, but no. The only way I can guarantee healthy puppies free of any contamination or contagious disease is to keep their contact limited with the general public and outdoor exposure. Just like baby children they are highly susceptible to disease while their immune system is developing. Puppies will be viewable along with their parents, but they cannot be touched at all until they leave.

Why One of a Kind Bulldogs?

One of a Kind of Bulldogs strives to produce healthy and happy pets with great temperaments. Between our guarantee, spay/neuter package, full vaccines, rescue work, open door policy, quality of care, customer service, reviews and reputation, who else could you trust? We have a strict selection process and will not breed any dog that does not pass our health and temperament assessments. We are also making sure that after the purchase you are still recognized as a loyal customer and treated as family with our One of a Kind Bulldogs Facebook client message board end our annual events. When you want something of quality, you come to a professional who has dedicated his life to the Olde English Bulldogge breed.

What kind of guarantee do you have and what type of health testing do you do on your Olde English Bulldogges?

We offer a standard 1 year guarantee and a contingent lifetime guarantee on our old English Bulldog puppies for sale. Our 1 year guarantee covers any life threatening or debilitating disease caused by genetics or from the breeding. We will obviously not cover due to owner’s negligence. In fact, we will need the dog surrendered if there is any evidence of negligence or purposeful harm. Our lifetime guarantee extends our 1 year guarantee to 4 years, and after 4 years we offer a half off discount no matter how the dog passes, even of natural causes. Obviously, owner negligence will void this agreement. This contingent guarantee is only in effect if the Olde English Bulldogge puppy is placed on NuVet Plus supplements for the entirety of its life. More than a one week lapse will void the lifetime guarantee. Our lines are health tested. All my Old English Bulldogs get regular checks and are evaluated for any eye problems, breathing problems and hip and join problems. Not all dogs get hip or elbow evaluations, but they are a part of our screening process. We have less than a 1% dysplasia rate since breeding in 2005. We will NOT breed dogs with known problems especially allergies, elongated soft palates, cherry eye, entropion, aggression, and hip or elbow problems. Breeding Bulldogs with any of these issues will surely add to more dogs with those issues. Although breeding for health and temperament is our main goal, unfortunately we do have what some call a “lemon” here and there. We make sure we help and support all of our customers, even ones who might occasionally get a problematic dog. Un-like many breeders whose phones turn off during a crisis, we are here 24/7 for our clients.
As of 2020 One of a Kind Bulldogs have all been through Embark DNA panels where they are tested for hundreds of potential genetic conditions. Although these DNA panels can’t screen out all potential issues, the handful they can test for do help us breeders eliminate some potential issues. Any tool we have to aid in breeding and producing better quality dogs we will use.

What are prices for olde English Bulldogge puppies? Any discount?

Our prices are pets only prices and they start at around $3000 and can go up depending on color and quality.

Keep in mind we offer a full service unlike any other breeder out there. We are also permitted and a tax paying business. California law requires ALL breeders be permitted, contribute sales tax, and pay income taxes.

We firmly believe breeders who are willing to lie and cheat the government are more likely to lie and cheat customers.

We offer discounts for active military, veterans, allied health professionals, public service workers, and active or retried law enforcement. Our discount is $200 off any pup.

We also offer THE BEST repeat customer discount of $500 off your second dog.

Remember, our prices include sales tax, all puppy shots, microchip, rabies and free spay or neuter at our local veterinarian which saves my customers an average of $1000.

Do you have adult Olde English Bulldogges for sale?

One of a Kind does NOT re-sell our adults to breeders. We only fix and place our breeding Old English Bulldog studs and dames into local pet homes. We run the only Olde English Bulldogge rescue and frequently have rescue Bulldogs for adoption for those not wanting to buy an puppy. Our local rescue service is run like any other rescue, we do have small adoption fees and require in home checks. We sometimes also have Bulldogs available throughout the US with our Rescue network. Please check www.BulldoggeRescues.org for more info on One of a Kind Bulldogge rescue service.

Is training and socialization important for my Olde English Bulldogge?

In my opinion the one true flaw with this breed is they can tend to be same sex aggressive if they are not heavily socialized and trained. Bulldogs require a firm and consistent owner/handler. It is common for Bulldogs to take order from one person in the household that’s why we recommend everyone is on the same page with training to help ensure the dog understands it is behind all humans in pack order. We highly recommend crate training from the beginning and consistently throughout life for your olde English Bulldogge. We hear many people claim they know how to train a dog but we have noticed most people are decades behind on training methods. Please do some professional training courses with the entire family. Heavy socialization and training for the first two years of their life is crucial. A great book we recommend is “How to be your Dogs Best Friend” by The Monks of New Skete. This book will help you understand how dogs think while also teaching the importance of remaining the pack leader

Do you have references?

One of a Kind Bulldogs is real active on Facebook, check our pages and see our numerous customer posts. You are more than welcome to contact any individual customer, they love bragging about their One of a Kind Bulldogs! We also have a customer message board for education, support and for the fun of sharing our bulldog moments. We also have a Google Places, Yahoo business and a Yelp listing with tons of 5 star reviews. Our veterinarians numbers are listed for any type of verification too. We have a remarkable and truly flawless reputation. Our years of experience and over 50 five star reviews across the internet speak for themselves.

What is the average life expectancy for an Olde English Bulldogge?

10-14 yrs is the average life span.

What are some common health problems associated with the Olde English Bulldogge breed?

Some of the problems associated with English bulldogs can occur in Old English Bulldogs but in much smaller scale. Entropion, cherry eye, minor allergies, poor breathing, fold maintenance and dysplasia are problems that occur in bulldogges and many flat faced breeds, but should not be common in a well established breeder.

Are Bulldogges good family pets?

This breed is remarkable with children and in my opinion is the perfect family pet. With minimal maintenance and health care, good size and ability and protective nature, these are the ultimate family pet.

What size do your Olde English Bulldogges get?

Our lines vary, MOST our dogs are between 60-75lbs, but we do produce as large as 100lbs and as small as 45lbs.

How much exercise and room does my Bulldogge need?

The Olde English Bulldogge breed does not have to have a large back yard but it would be preferred. My first two Olde English Bulldogges were raised in a townhouse with no problems. If you are in a small apartment or townhouse setting I would recommend numerous daily walks. With this breed their can be a variance when it comes to activity level and it is based off of personality and ability. Some of our Bulldogs can and will run a mile with no problems, some can’t, and some can, but rather lay around instead. In most cases, if proper training and socialization is implemented the dogs will acclimate to their owners’ lifestyle. My dogs are more bred to be a healthy family pet that is able, but not too drivy.

What maintenance and care is expected with the Olde English Bulldogges?

Although the Olde English Bulldogge is not a health ridden breed like the English Bulldog, there are still some basic care and maintenance that would be beneficial. We highly recommend hey hi protein diet with low or no fillers and grains, heavy training and socialization for a healthy temperament, and regular baths. For dogs with sensitive skin we recommend oatmeal shampoo. We highly recommend Nuvet plus for ALL bulldogs. Nuvet plus is a daily immune system booster that will help your dogs immune system and he/she will love it as a snack. We strongly believe in NuVet and that is why it is incorporated with our lifetime guarantee.

Do you take dogs back? And/or give refunds?

One of a Kind Bulldogs is responsible for every dog it produces for the entirety of its life if you can no longer care for it. Our contracts strictly states our dogs can never be resold. We do NOT give refunds. Purchasing a pet is a lifelong decision and we highly recommend you do your research and make sure you are ready for the commitment. We in NO circumstances issue refunds. Our contract specifies our exchange policy

What kind of weather can the Olde English Bulldogge handle?

These Bulldogs can handle hotter and colder temperatures than the standard English Bulldog but depending on how bracyaphalic the dog will determine how the dog will breath. Typically if it is too hot for you then your dog may not want to be outside either.

Is it better to buy two Bulldogs at once?

We will not sell you two puppies at the same time. Any breeder who will either cares only for money or has no experience. Two puppies at the same time equals 100 times more work and stress. It also raises the likeliness of separation anxiety issues and pack aggression issues. We highly recommend you buy your first puppy and spend two months at minimum and preferably more than 6 months before bringing in the next puppy. The more trained, socialized and well behaved your first dog is, the easier it will be to raise and train your second dog. Bad habits can pass easily to your second dog, so make your first one a model dogge citizen to help make owning and raising your second one easier.