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Temperament, Conformation and health

Temperament, conformation and health

As an Olde English Bulldogge breeder these should be three main priorities. At One of a Kind Bulldogs we have worked very closely with a great trainer. John Poser has been a certified dog trainer and behaviorist for over 10 years. He has helped us fine tune the temperament of our dogs and at the same time helped us learn the importance of training, structure and routine. All of the Olde English Bulldogges at One of a Kind Bulldogs are temperament tested to help make sure you are getting a pet who is confident, courageous, attentive and of course trust worthy around your children and family. Our bulldogs are known for being very loyal and protective, but of course never aggressive. We are familiar with dog behavior and temperament and some of our dogs have passed CGC training with our trainer. Any dog who does not pass basic temperament assessment with our trainer is removed from our program.

Conformation is very important aspect that many breeders do not comprehend or follow. The
structure of a dog is directly correlated to its health. The Olde English Bulldogge standard is to make sure the type of the dog stays in line and is not strayed away from health and ability. Breeding dogs for extreme features like massive heads, really flat faces, extreme under bites, bowie arms, or extremely thick bone  will compromise and potentially ruin the integrity of a  blood line. At One of a Kind Bulldogs we breed for a correct look with no extreme features. We want to make sure what happened to the American bully does not happen to the Old English Bulldog breed.

I’ve mentioned before confirmation does have a tie to health. dogs that are extreme or severely flawed are a harm to the breed and are more prone to many health issues.
breeding for too flat of a face can lead to breathing issues, elongated soft palates, collapsed nares, and narrow tracheas. Breeding for extreme thickness or bowie arms can
lead to bone deformities, dysplasia, arthirtis, hip and joint issues and much more. At One of a Kind bulldogs we have a strict screening process which includes hip checks, palate checks, eye exams and of course we will not breed any dog with any known allergies. Obviously none of our dogs are perfect, but we do our best to keep flaws out by not breeding them into our lines. Certain things we will NOT accept into our Olde English Bulldogge males or females, Entropion, severe dysplasia, cherry eye, elongated soft palates, distachia, mange, immune system disorders, c-sections and any other major concern in regards to health and conformation.

One of a Kind Olde English Bulldogge puppies come backed with a lifetime guarantee that only a responsible and reputable breeder with tested lines can offer.

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