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Wasabi and Rascal’s French Bulldog Puppies

Hidden Gems Wasabi and One of a Kind’s Rascal pups

Wasabi and Rascal pups are here! Some amazing French Bulldog puppies with some nice color and a couple Fluffy French Bulldog puppies as well. All our prices are pet prices, we are open to breeders with some stipulations. Call us for pricing on pups with full rights. For breeders, father is a lilac tri, at/a and carries cream and fluffy, no pied and no brindle. Mother is a chocolate brindle that carries blue and fluffy. DNA is opening to see who carries cream, fluffy, brindle and pied. If interested in a pup from this litter call anytime .

Ary Toussi

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Female 1 – Fluffy female, chocolate carrying blue, tri and dna pending for cream, brindle and pied. $15,000

Female 2 lilac $5000

Female 3 lilac merle $6500

Female 4 chocolate fawn merle $10,000

Male 1 – Fluffy male Frenchy. He is Lilac, carries tri and dna pending for cream, brindle and pied $10,000

Male 2 lilac merle $6000

Male 3 lilac merle $6000

Male 4 lilac fawn merle $6000

Male 5 – chocolate merle $6000

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