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    Thor & Belle

    One of a Kind’s Thor and One of a Kind’s Ballistic aka Belle

    This is our first litter with Belle and she is one amazing momma, just like her mom Fancy. She is sired by our boy Rollo the Cholo. Belle had 5 girls and 2 boys born 12-22-18 and ready to leave 2-16-19. Belle is part of our program but she does belong to my employee that I am mentoring and she did a great job raising her first litter for One of a Kind. These pups are 5 to 6 generations of our work stemming back to some of our foundation dogs and first Oldes.

    Female 4 – $3,000

    Female 5 – $3,000

    Female 1 – ADOPTED

    Female 2 – ADOPTED

    Female 3 – ADOPTED

    Male 1 – ADOPTED

    Male 2 – ADOPTED

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