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Sierra Mist aka Misty

One of a Kind’s Sierra Mist aka Misty

  • HEAD SIZE: approx 18in
  • WEIGHT: 55 lbs
  • REG: CKC
  • COLOR: blue trindle (carries blue, chocolate and tri)
  • HEIGHT: approx 17in
  • BLOODLINES: One of a Kind
    Sire: One of a Kind’s Monster aka Jon Jones
    Dam: One of a Kind’s Pixie Dixie
  • Embark Health Panel ✅️

Misty is one of my favorite Olde English Bulldogges here. Not only does she look remarkable, she is so sweet and loving. Every dog she meets she considers a bestie immediately. She is off our Jon Jones and Dixie but took more of Dixies size, so she is mid size and very compact. We like to say she has boulders for shoulders, haha. We are so excited to breed her and see how she advances our program. She has many One of a Kind Old English Bulldogs behind her like Diva, Django, Bunny, Tootsie, Conan, Raven, Blackjack, etc.

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