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Pretty & Conan

One of a Kind’s Pretty Girl and One of a Kind’s Conan the Barbarian

This is a very long anticipated litter with pretty and Conan and we are more than happy with the results so far. We will surely be keeping some pups back from this litter for evaluation. These pups are all priced for pet homes. We have all brindles and 2 black and white pups. These pups are a 2nd generation of One of a Kind Bulldogs with amazing dogs like Blackjack, Raven, Gucci, Judo, Emerson and Tenacious D. These pups were born 9-1-15 and ready for new homes after 10-26-15. We decided to give these guys a halloween theme with names. if interested in a puppy from this litter feel free to contact us.

male 2 Black Jack (Black and white – SOLD – residing in Orange County, CA) The biggest pup in the litter.

male 1 – Adopted, going to Riverside, CA

female 1 Luna – Adopted, residing in Los Angeles, CA

female 2 – Willow – adopted – going to Greensboro, North Carolina

Female 3 October – Adopted, residing in Providence, Rhode Island

Female 4 Boo (black) this is my favorite girl, she is the smallest with the most loving personality (staying at One of a Kind Bulldogs)

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