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Highly Contagious aka Gia

One of a Kind’s Highly Contagious aka Gia

  • HEAD SIZE: approx 16in
  • WEIGHT: 45 lbs
  • REG: CKC
  • COLOR: blue tri (carries blue, chocolate and tri)
  • HEIGHT: approx 15in
  • BLOODLINES: One of a Kind
    Sire: One of a Kind’s Django Unchained
    Dam: Unique Bulldogs Kiki
  • Embark Health Panel ✅️

Gia is our Pandemic Olde English Bulldogge born during the start of covid, hence the name. Gia’s personality is just that, contagious. She is so sweet and loving. A common interaction with her is to run up to you in excitement and drop right on her back for belly rubs. Gia does not have a mean bone in her, just full of love and Bulldog farts. We cannot wait to see the impact she has on our program.

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