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One of a Kind’s Furgielicious

Furgie is a very unique Olde English Bulldogge with a long coat. Yes, she has long hair, a fluffy Bull. Some call these Mammoth Bulldogges aka Mammute Bulldogs. Yes, she is purebred and is generations of our work like every other bulldog here. She is a direct littermate to our girl diva who is NOT a long haired Olde English Bulldogge. This long hair gene is a rare recessive gene that has been known to pop up here and there with Olde English Bulldogges, it was no surprise after 12 years we eventually produced 1. Although some people think they should not be bred, there is nothing lowering the quality of this girl and the long hair has been a desired trait by many of our customers looking for a fluffy friend. Even though she is purebred, as requested by our registry we will not be registering her. Her puppies will be sold as pets like the majority of our dogs. Furgie is a little on the shorter side at about 16 and a 1/2 inches and about 55lbs.

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