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DeeDee and GiGi

The Designer sisters

One of a Kind’s Dolce & Gabbana aka DeeDee and GiGi

DeeDee and GiGi are littermates off our Gerdy and an amazing Blue and tan Frenchy stud named Maverick owned by Fat Bulldog Productions. We are very happy to have these two Maverick daughters for our program. Both girls are blue fawns and carry at, so they will be able to produce Blue tri and black tri French Bulldog offspring. DeeDee is our more athletic girl, can hop over 4 foot Fence like it’s nothing while her sister GiGi is on the more bully and mellow side. These 2 girls are going to be a great asset to our French Bulldog program. DeeDee is about 22lbs and GiGi is about 25lbs.




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