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    Deebo and Peanut

    One of a Kind’s Game Deebo and One of a Kind’s Peanut
    Deebo and Peanut puppies are here!! We have a litter of Olde English Bulldogge puppies with
    some variety, from fawns, chocolates to black and white pups and freckles all over. The
    Freckling in Olde English Bulldogge breed is referred to as ticking. We have a few black and
    white ticked and some fawn and white ticked. These pups are again generations of One of a
    Kind Olde English Bulldogges. Peanut is a Bubba daughter and Deebo is a Thor son. The
    pedigree on these dogs goes back to some of our first Olde English Bulldogs.
    These pups are ready to leave early June 2023. Call anytime if interested in any of these or
    other Olde English Bulldogges we have available.

    female 1 – Cashew – $3000

    female 2 – Almond – $4500

    Female 3 – Coffee Bean – $3500

    Male 1 Pistachio Going to Canada

    male 2 – Walnut – $3000

    male 3 – Butternut – $2500

    male 4 – Pecan – $3000

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