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Deebo and Drama

One of a Kind’s Deebo and One of a Kind’s Drama
Deebo and Drama pups are here and just as expected we has some fluffy Olde English Bulldogge puppies aka Mammut Bulldogges. Both Deebo (Thor and Furgie litter) and Drama (Jon Jones and Trixie litter) are multi generational One of a Kind Old English Bulldogs with as much as 18 years of our work in the pedigree. We did have 4 fluffies, aka Mammut Bulldogs. The long hair Gene is a recessive gene that is very common in this breed. Although the father is a short coat, he does carry the long hair Gene so we knew statistically we had a 50% chance of producing the long coats. Short coat puppies in this litter are standard coats, they have no signs of long hair. Although they will be carriers of the long hair recessive gene they will not have long hair themselves. Fluffies shed the same amount, but obviously they have a lot more hair to shed. Just like standard coat Old English bulldogs, the softness and coarseness of the hair can vary. If you have been wanting a fluffy bulldog, now is your chance because we only do these litters about once a year. Call or email with any inquiries. Pups are ready to leave mid to late july.
Female 1 – $2750 – chocolate fluffy


Female 2 – $2000 – black/white
Male 1 – $2000 – black/white fluffy
Female 3 – $3000 – chocolate tri
Male 2 – $3000 – chocolate tri
Male 4 – $4000 – black/white fluffy

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