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Olde English Bulldogges For Rescue

One of a Kind Olde English Bulldogge Rescue is a rescue/adoption site to help re-home Old English Bulldogs in need in the Southern California area. We are a free service as this is not for any type of profit. As a breeder, we feel any breeder has a bit of responsibility to help keep our shelters from over crowding and help reduce pointless euthanization. The principle action in regards to our rescue is simple we want to get this great dogs into the homes that will care for this breed and have as high a regard for their lives as we do. Our rescue program is designed to create a healthy environment for this breed of dog unlike any other shelter or rescue for Bulldogs. We admire a breed many others fear and reject, and our goal is to find more people like us to get these great dogs into the right homes. Rescue is something many people feel is right for most dog breeds but not the Olde English Bulldogge and that is far from the truth. Rescue with us is the best things for these dogs because we can provide the right stimulation and care for this breed. The right size of facility and the right individuals to care for these great dogs is just a part of what we provide. We keep 2-4 kennels open on our property or through fosters for these Olde English Bulldogges for adoption and in need. Some of these dogs were either abandoned, neglected or surrendered by their owners. In some cases we have retired breeding adults for adoption (I refuse to sell my adults and I like them retired and adopted into nice pet homes instead of passed around from breeder to breeder). Olde English Bulldogge Adoption fees include spay/neuter, full vaccines and micro-chip. Potential adopters are required to place the adopted Old English Bulldogs on NuVet supplements to help ensure better health and longer life. If individuals are interested in more information about the process of adopting on of the dogs we have ready we ask that you please contact us through our site below. Please check out our rescue site for info on adopting, relinquishing or fostering an Old English Bulldog in need. We use this page to host images of our available Olde English Bulldogges but all the info can be found on our adoption site. We look forward to visiting with you soon, contact us today.

Our Old English Bulldog Rescue Site


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