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About Us And Our Bulldogs

Thank you forOne of a Kind Old English Bulldogs is your World’s premier breeder of Olde English Bulldogge Puppies. We have hundreds of Old English Bulldog puppies and happy customers around the world. We are well known for our quality old English Bulldogs along with amazing customer service. We have tons of reviews online and an extensive client referral list as proof to our reputation. We are a licensed business, we generate sales tax revenue for the state of California and pay our taxes to the government as any business should. Our Bulldogs are raised hands on and get an extensive amount of playtime, even on rainy days. We are hands on with all of our Olde English Bulldogge puppies and Old English Bulldogs and can tell everything about their personalities and demeanors. When visiting our property you truly get a good idea of how great a life our Bulldogges have here. We dont barn our bulldogs, or have them on automatic feeders and waterers. We feed them daily ourselves, make sure they have clean bowls and fresh water at all times. When visiting our property you will see ALL our dogs are well behaved, social and used to the experience of meeting new people. Our dogs get treated great here, and we NEVER sell our adults to other Old English Bulldog breeders. We have seen many Bulldogs get passed around from yard to yard until they died, that is something we do not allow with our bulldogs, even ones purchased (we have a no-resale clause in ALL contracts.) We believe ALL dogs are pets first! When a dog is used in a breeding program it needs to be given some LOAYALTY. We are loyal to all the Bulldogges on our property, and when they are retired (whether they produced 1 litter or 4 litters) they are spayed/neutered and placed into forever loving Pet homes.

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