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Summer time heat and bloat in bulldogs

One of a Kind Bulldogs with some helpful and potentially life saving tip for your bulldogs during this heat. We all know bulldogs can tend to handle heat pretty bad, but along with over heating, another important issue is Bloat, especially in the sweltering heat.

Unfortunately last summer we lost one of our 12 week old Prada puppies and a friend I know lost his adult bully boy due to Bloat. Bloat is extremely deadly and can take your dogs life within hours or less. When the temperature is up like this lower the food intake for your dogs. Bloat is caused when food and water mix in the tummy, the food expands and gasses are released, this in turn makes the stomach turn or twist. This blocks the dogs ability to defecate and throw up. The stomach will bloat up excessively and pretty much from that point your dog is dying. Surgery must be performed to save the dog and dogs who bloat once have a higher chance of having it happen again.

Also, when taking your bulldog out, keep in mind they might not handle heat that well. I typically avoid going out with the dogs if it is over 85 degrees. Some dogs maybe even if it is over 80 degrees depending on if they are active and get worked up easy. When going out on a summer day try and be prepared. Always keep a 2 liter or two filled with room temperature water and some towels. If your dog gets hot or stressed from heat you can poor the water on a towel and lay it over him/her for a bit. the armpits and belly are good parts to cool off first. DO NOT put your dog in ice!!! it will cause shock and the cold makes everything constrict which makes it harder to breath and cool off. All in all, I think it is better to be safe than sorry. I am sure your pooch would prefer the indoor a/c over a 90 degree day in the yard 🙂

Please take precautions in this heat to make sure your family pet is safe and comfortable. Thanks for reading, enjoy the summer!!!

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