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Savage and Misty Puppies

One of a Kind Bulldogs Ancestors

One of a Kind Bulldogs provides a page dedicated to the ancestors that are a part of the past dogs in our breeding program. These amazing dogs on this page are dedicated to the success of the dogs we have in our breeding program. This lineage is those that are retired into pet homes and are still alive. They have provided many great dogs to many individuals. They still deserve admiration and our love and will for years to come. They are a part of our dogs still to this day, and they are loved and honored by us. Our desire is that all of those who love our dogs or pursue a puppy from us know the ancestors that they have come from and see those that produced their lineage. These great dogs are just the beginnings of what we have here at One of a Kind Bulldogs. We know that the past is a vital part of the future and the puppies we produce today are the future of the Olde English Bulldogge. The Olde English Bulldogge is what we are dedicated to as breeders and we search for individuals who love this breed as well as we do. Many of the Olde English Bulldogges from One of a Kind Bulldogs, on this page are generations of good Lineage with healthy and confirmation. These Olde English Bulldogges are held in high regard to us at One of a Kind Bulldogs and as mentioned above because of this love we retired them into pet homes as they should be. We feel it is in the dogs best interest to be retired to a pet home when they are retired from our breeding program. Keeping our own adult Old English Bulldogs locally as sterilized pets is the only way we can keep track of these generations. We keep track of health and genetic problems that may arise in the future, by knowing where these generations are located so we can be sure to know their health as they age. This helps better our program and know much more about our Bulldogs health and bloodlines. We are one of the many Olde English Bulldogges but we are only one of the few that is fully dedicated to the revival of the breed and the purity of this great dog breed. We have adorable Olde English Bulldogge puppies and hope you see these great dogs as their Lineage and ancestors.