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Kenobi and Honey’s Olde English Bulldogge Puppies

Kenobi and Honey Breeding

2 male and 2 female Fluffy Olde English Bulldogs aka Mammut Bulldogs. The white males are $4,000 each. The greyish female is $6,000 and the chocolate female has been sold.

The 2 boys are white with dark Chocolate patches, not black. They both are very playful little guys with amazingly sweet temperaments.

The 2 girls are also total love bugs. The Lilac one is the smaller pup from the litter, expect her to probably not go over 60lbs full grown. Her chocolate Sable sister is larger, but she also have the softer and more velvet type coat.

They are off our Kenobi and Honey breeding. These Olde English Bulldogge puppies are generations if our work. Although both parents are regular coat, they happen to both carry a copy of the L gene (long hair gene.) Long hair Olde English Bulldogges are often referred to as Mammut Bulldogs and labeled as a different breed, but it’s the same breed just with long hair.
We have a nanny who can deliver to nearly any airport for a very reasonable fee as carry on, so your puppy will always be in good hands with our trusted nanny. Pm or call with any inquiries.

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