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Monster aka Jon Jones

One of a Kind’s Monster aka Jon Jones

  • HEAD SIZE: approx 23 in
  • WEIGHT: 80 lbs
  • REG: CKC
  • COLOR: black trindle (carries blue, chocolate and fluffy)
  • HEIGHT: approx 21in
  • BLOODLINES: One of a Kind

Jon Jones is what we call the Monster aka the Beast aka the phenomenon. He is one amazing specimen and his agility and stamina for such a large Olde English Bulldogge is just amazing. Jon Jones is anothe co-own living the spoiled life as a pet but gets to cone here once in a while and make some babies. He is another stud that will need some coordinating to use since he lives with a customer. Jon Jones has the build of a working Olde English Bulldogge and can run, jump and do just about anything sporty, but also loves to lounge with his owners and their baby.

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One of a Kind’s King Capitol
One of a Kind’s Diva

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