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Olde English Bulldogges in Nevada

Olde English Bulldogge

If you’re thinking about getting one of our One of a Kind Bulldogs but you’re not from California, then don’t fret! For those of you living in Nevada, we can have one of our beautiful Olde English Bulldogge puppies delivered straight to you! We won’t charge a kings randsome for shipping, but we will make sure they get to you safe and sound.

When you order from us, you get more than just a puppy. We aim to provide the best service and the best dogs possible. So, included in the cost, you also get:

All shots
Lifetime guarantee
Sales tax
Puppy Package
2 weeks of food
Toy package
30 days free Trupanion health insurance
24/7 live customer support

We have plenty of testimonials down below, and you’ll also find pictures of four beautiful One of a Kind Bulldogs already living in Las Vegas, Nevada!

If you’d like more info, click here or call us on (760) 580-2293.

One of a Kind Bulldogs Testimonials

Ary is the best! It’s a huge comfort knowing that he’s only a phone call away and is so helpful for whatever questions you may have. His knowledge of the breed and dogs in general is astounding and impressive. We have a 7month old pup who’s the offspring of Riot and Sephera. Vito is unbelievably intelligent, kind, compassionate, well behaved. He’s getting to be so big and strong but is equally sweet. He’s just the best dog ever!! Vito’s demonstrating some athletic inclinations, too. We got a great addition to our family from Ary and can’t thank him enough! Hands down, this is the best breeder if you want an Old English Bulldogge.
Alisa A (Hawaii)

Rescue Dogs

For those of you more interested in adopting a shelter or rescue dog, we can also help out. Here at One of a Kind we can’t stand by and do nothing while backyard breeders are throwing their unwanted dogs out onto the streets or into shelter homes. Due to overcrowding, a lot of these lovely animals face euthanasia. So to try and fight back against this heart breaking issue, we have set up another website to try unite these loving dogs with new owners and homes. If you want more information please head to www.Bulldoggerescues.com.