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Olde English Bulldogges in Florida

Olde English Bulldogge

One of a Kind Bulldogs can be found all over the world. Although all originate from California, we offer shipping to a variety of places, including Florida. We can get one of our premium pups to you safely and without being too expensive. We already have experience getting Olde English Bulldogges to Key West and Tallahassee, and you can look at those beautiful dogs below!

Our bulldogs are truly special. Not only are we a premier breeder, but when you make a purchase from us, you get more than just the dog. Our price includes all the usual, such as shots, vaccinations and more. But we also give you a puppy package, including toys, food and 30 days pet insurance. That’s not all. We also have a 24/7 live customer support, because we genuinely do care about you and your dog. For more information, see here or call us on (760) 580-2293.

One of a Kind Olde English Bulldogge puppies come backed with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!!

One of a Kind Bulldogs Testimonials

We live in Hong Kong and no one sells Olde Bullies in Hong Kong. So I researched all the breeders I could find, especially in the UK and USA. We ended up with Ary as he was so helpful in answering all questions over email. Leo arrived on the 28th December and right from go was a happy, well balanced dog.

Howard! (Hong Kong)


Have You Considered A Rescue?

Many of you out there have been considering getting a rescue dog instead of a puppy. Well, for those of you who are, we can help! Many breeders these days lack the correct responsibility, causing many dogs to end up without homes and left in shelters. Most of these end up facing euthanization. To help fight against this tragedy, we have created the One of a Kind Old English Bulldog rescue network. Check out our site for more information – www.Bulldoggerescues.com.