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Olde English Bulldogges in China

Olde English Bulldogge

Our Olde English Bulldogges truly end up all round the world with our global service. Our puppies are surprisingly popular in China and Hong Kong. So if you happen to be looking at our bulldogs from China, don’t fret! We can get one of our happy, healthy and socialized dogs to you safely but cheaply. We have experience in getting our puppies across the world. Check below to see two of our favorites now living with happy families in Hong Kong.

Here at One of a Kind we try to bring you the best Old English Bulldogs combined with the best service. Not only are our puppies well bred, but we deliver them to you with all shots already taken care of, de-wormed and rabies vaccinated. Chip installed and spray/neutered, and a lifetime guarantee. That’s not all. We will even provide a “puppy package” that contains many different things, including 2 weeks of food, toys and 30 days free insurance. You will also have a chance to view your bulldogs siblings growing up via Facebook. To top it all off we provide 24/7 live support. However, don’t take our word for it. Below you will find pictures of some of our happy homed dogs and customer testimonials.

If you want more information, please check out our puppies page or simply give us a call on (760) 580-2293.

One of a Kind Olde English Bulldogge puppies come backed with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!!

One of a Kind Bulldogs Testimonials

Given the low breeding standards in Hong Kong, we knew we wanted to get an English Bulldog from abroad. In researching, we found Ary and the Olde English breed and could not be happier with the decision to get Bruce. He’s been relaxed and friendly with every person and dog he’s met out here and we actually had a vet stop us on the street to tell us that he is the healthiest looking bulldog she’d ever seen in the city. Ary was incredible throughout the process, explaining everything we needed to know about the breed and the process of importing him into Hong Kong. He checked in with us several times before the flight and was in constant contact via text when we went to the airport to pick up Bruce, who arrived a little skeptical of his new surroundings but perfectly healthy and happy. The extent to which Ary cares about every one of the amazing dogs he sells is clear through his attention to detail and willingness to put in any extra effort to make sure his puppies get to, and stay in, good homes.
Rich and Elani (Hong Kong)

Rescue Olde English Bulldogges in China

With the popularity of backyard breeders climbing, the terrible way they conduct business, there is more and more dogs out there without homes. Most of these end up spending their lives in shelters, many end up euthanized. If you are considering adoption of a homeless dog, please check out our rescue site – www.Bulldoggerescues.com with more information how you can help us fix this problem.