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Olde English Bulldogges in Alaska

Olde English Bulldogge

Are you in Alaska and looking for a well bred healthy Olde English Bulldogge? Then you’re in luck! Although we are located in California, we make our puppies available world wide. We can get one of our healthy, happy and socialized One of a Kind bulldogs to you safely yet cheaply.

We are a premium breeder with some of the best customer service available. Not only that, but if you order one of our puppies, we will have it shipped to you in Alaska with all of the following included:

  • ALL shots
  • De-wormed
  • Rabies vaccined
  • Chip
  • Spray/Beuter
  • Our One of a Kind Bulldogs lifetime Guarantee
  • Registration
  • 2 Weeks of food
  • Toy package
  • 30 days free Trupanion healthy insurance

That’s a lot already, but there is more. We offer 24/7 live support, and for those interested, we make it available for you to see the siblings of your very own pup grow up.

We like to go that extra mile to make sure our Olde English Bulldogges are the best around. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Below you will find pictures of bulldogs we have already shipped to happy owners in Alaska, as well as testimonials from happy customers.

If you are interested, either check our puppy page for more info, or give us a call on (760) 580-2293.


One of a Kind Olde English Bulldogge puppies come backed with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!!


One of a Kind Bulldogs Testimonials

I have been interested in Olde English Bulldogs for a while and noticed that a local “breeder” (we live in Montana) had some puppies for sale. As it turned out the “breeder” was a guy trying to make a few bucks and had no interest or knowledge of his dogs. I came across Ary and One of a Kind Bulldogges via the internet and gave him a call. He called me back almost immediately. I explained to him that we weren’t sure if this breed was right for us for a few reasons. We had previously owned a Fila Mastiff and we definitely were not looking for a dog that does not allow stangers in our house and dominates every dog it meets. We also have two children under the age of eight so a “family dog” was a must. My wife must have spent several hours on the phone with Ary who calmed all of her fears and assured her that his Oldes would be a good match for us. My wife flew to Cali and picked up Dempsey. Ary helped in the litter selection, knowing our hopes and fears. Dempsey is now eight months old and exactly the dog we were looking for. Not only is he physically impressive, his personality is a perfect match. He is both people and animal friendly, never an incident. Ary continues to be extremely helpful whenever we have any questions and I would recommend him to anyone.
Kevin S (Bozeman, Montana)

How About A Shelter Dog?

If you are from Alaska and considering one of our puppies, but have also considered adopting a rescue dog, then you may wish to check out our site www.Bulldoggerescues.com. We created this site to help with the issue created by backyard breeders and puppy mills and to hopefully find homes for some of the beautiful and loving abandoned dogs who may be facing either a life in a shelter or even euthanasia, and to help reverse the influx of abandoned Olde English Bulldogges. So if you would like to do something truly great and adopt a shelter dog, please have a look at our website.