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French Mastiffs Studs

French Mastiff Studs

Our Dogue De Bordeaux studs are just that, studs. They embody the physique and temoerament of what you expect from French Mastiffs. Both of our French Mastiff studs are from Los Picasos based out of Argentina. Los Picasos has put lots of work into the Dogue De Bordeaux show world and after watching him for quite some time we knew we would want to make the foundation of our French Mastiff lines from Los Picasos. All 4 French Mastiffs we got from Los Picasos have been fantastic dogs with amazing temperaments, health and conformation.
Both of our French Mastiff studs have had embark health and dna panels and are cleared. We also know how heart issues are so common in this breed so we made sure to have echocardiograms done and both passed. We look forward to reproducing the quality of both our boys.